Learn a lot in Cedar City, Utah, says Ammon Cunningham

As an avid traveler and blogger, Ammon Cunningham knows the value of various destinations. He thoroughly enjoys writing about different travel spots in Utah and beyond. Today, he shares the value of Cedar City, Utah — a smaller city in the state, but holding some interesting information.

Just north of Las Vegas on Interstate 15 — about 180 miles north — and located almost 250 miles south of Salt Lake City, Cedar City sits on the northeastern edge of the Mojave Desert in Utah’s southeast. The city is known for several events throughout the year, including the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Neil Simon Theatre Festival, the Utah Summer Games and more — all of which attract tourists from across the state and beyond.

However, its Cedar City’s history that is rich and worth a visit to this region. Within the Parowan Gap to the city’s north as well as other select sites, rock art was discovered that date prehistoric people in Cedar City back as far as A.D. 1000 and 1300. The city’s history contains a significant gap following that point until nearly 1776 when Indians ancestors met for an expedition in the region. This rock art discovery is significant to early settling of people in the Utah area and the state’s history as a whole.