The Ammon Cunningham View of Monument Valley

Prolific travel blogger Ammon Cunningham has a very clear goal. He wants tourists all over the world to know that his home state of Utah is a magnificent travel destination. The state features some of the greatest travel destinations in the United States and the world, including one of his favorites, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The park is located on the massive Navajo Indian Reservation, which covers a massive 27,000 square miles and take up large portions of three states. However, most of Monument Valley is in Utah.

Many people will find Monument Valley to be incredibly familiar, in part because its distinct natural features have been featured in many movies, TV shows and even commercials over the last century. The spectacular red mesas, buttes, and the surrounding desert have been seen everywhere in the world, which will make them seem familiar. However, Ammon Cunningham wants everyone to know that you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been there in person. He is especially taken by Valley Drive, which is a long, 17-mile dirt road that winds through the most scenic areas of the park. He also feels that the Valley Visitor Center, located near the entrance to the park, is important to experience, as well.