Why Ammon Cunningham Likes Monument Valley

While prolific blogger and lover of travel Ammon Cunningham calls Utah as his home, he thinks about the state as a lot more than that. That is one reason he adamantly writes about the state in terms that others will better understand. You see, he wants travelers from all over the world know that his home state has some of the greatest tourist destinations in the United States and the world. And one that he loves to tell his fellow travelers about is Monument Valley.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a major part of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation actually encompasses 27,000 square miles and covers parts of three states, but most of Monument Valley is a part of Utah. Most travelers will recognize many of its beautiful natural features because they have been featured in a great many films and TV shows over the last century. In particular, Ammon Cunningham wants visitors to check out the Valley Drive, which is a 17-mile dirt road that winds through the most scenic areas of the park. Visiting other parts of the park is doable, but tourists should realize that Monument Valley sits in the middle of a desert, so they should use a guide. That’s not difficult, really, since arrangements for such a guide can be made at the Monument Valley Visitor Center, conveniently located near the park entrance and everyone should check out the visitors center, anyway, for its magnificent vistas. There are many photo opportunities available there.