Ammon Cunningham on Dinosaur National Monument

Ammon Cunningham

He not only lose to travel as much as possible, but Ammon Cunningham also likes to write about the places he sees. In particular, he is keen to let every traveler in the world know that his home state of Utah is not an amazing place to live, but it is also chock full of amazing travel destinations. There are so many sights to see, the state is known for it’s beauty. For example, one travel destination he loves to visit and write about is the infamous Dinosaur National Monument.

Now, don’t get too excited. Since this isn’t a movie, you shouldn’t go to Dinosaur National Monument expecting to see actual dinosaurs running around. There also aren’t the facsimiles you see in many natural history museums. What all travelers fo find, however, are magnificent vistas, including beautiful rock formations and a great many mountain and river views that are among the most spectacular in the world.

Among Cunningham lets everyone know that Dinosaur National Monument isn’t exactly dinosaur-free, either. What tourists will find is a lot of fossils of all sorts of creatures that no longer exist. The fossils are sure to transport you back to a time before humans and tourists even existed. Many of these fossils are embedded in the cliff wall of Carnegie Quarry, which is why Quarry Hall was built on a fossil-rich section of the rock. This allows visitors to see all of them comfortably and at close range and to do so without disturbing them.

In addition to historic fossils and great views, Ammon Cunningham also wants everyone to realize that Dinosaur National Monument also has activities, like hiking, kayaking, river rafting, and camping of all types. All of that combines to make Dinosaur National Monument a full-service destination for anyone looking for natural beauty and to have some fun.