This is Why Ammon Cunningham Likes to Write About Great Salt Lake

Ammon CunninghamOver the last few years, Ammon Cunningham has developed a great readership and a strong reputation as a blogger and an avid traveler. He simply wants nothing more in life than to travel to the greatest places on the planet and then turn around and tell hundreds or thousands of readers exactly what he did and how he did it. One of his favorite places to visit, of course, is his home state of Utah, which is far more than just home, as far as he is concerned. Ammon Cunningham feels that Utah has many of the greatest travel destinations in country and the world. And few are more interesting than the one that just happens to sit outside Utah’s largest city and state capital; the Great Salt Lake.

As far as Ammon Cunningham is concerned, The Great Salt Lake is easily one of the most incredible natural sights and greatest tourist attractions in the world. The Great Salt Lake is the largest and deepest inland lake west of the Mississippi, with dimensions of the lake are certainly impressive; it’s 72 miles long and 34 miles wide, with a depth in many areas running to more than 50 feet. Yet, as cool as its current status is, it’s the history that may be even more amazing. As impressive as the Great Salt Lake is, the current lake is little more than a remnant of the far larger Lake Bonneville.

Lake Bonneville was actually significantly larger before the water table fell, the evaporation causing it to shrink in size to its current level. That evaporation also left behind the Great Salt Lake Desert, including the Bonneville Salt Flats. Over the years, the Great Salt Lake has lost some of its salinity, but it is still salty enough to allow bathers to float without sinking. There are beaches on the south end of the park and there are is also a recreation park. There is simply so much worth seeing in and around the Great Salt Lake, according to Ammon Cunningham.